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An experienced Utah business attorney can guide you through the complex entrepreneurial process and reduce your exposure to needless risk, stress and uncertainty.

Being an entrepreneur can be deeply rewarding, but it can also be incredibly challenging. You must confront major problems at every stage. We serve businesses throughout Provo, Springville and all of Utah County.

  • If you’re in the start-up phase, you and your partner may need penetrating advice about how to structure the business relationship and incorporate
  • If you’re in the initial growth phase, you may be overwhelmed by how many threats (and exciting opportunities) confront your business
  • If you’re in the mature growth phase, you may want to resolve a major dispute, merge with our acquire another business, or leave or sell your company

Utah business attorney Jonathan Jaussi and his seasoned team at Freedom Legal can explain your options in clear language, answer your urgent questions, and provide ongoing help as you grow and expand.

Profit and Conflict Resolution from our Utah Business Attorney

  • Form a corporation: Protect yourself and your business from liability by choosing the right kind of structure, such as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP); Limited Liability Corporation (LLC); S Corp; or C Corp
  • Manage disputes and litigation: Whether you want to compel a supplier or vendor to make good on a past due obligation, or you’re locked in a heated battle with a partner or contractor, Attorney Jaussi and his team can help you find a solution through negotiation, mediation, or even litigation, if necessary
  • Protect company intellectual property and trade secrets: If you need a patent or copyright business property or challenge some entity’s right to use your IP, Attorney Jaussi can explain your alternatives and help you pursue appropriate remedies.
  • Hiring, firing and other employment law concerns: The most valuable asset of any business is its human capital. But hiring and firing the right people can be a fraught exercise. Small, technical errors can translate into unhappy employees and even into lawsuits. Freedom Legal can protect your interests and ensure that your HR processes are legal and sound.
  • Creation/editing of key documents: Our team can help dispatch buy-sell agreements, government filings, contracts and other corporate paperwork.
  • Managing the evolution of your business: Whether you want to merge with another company, acquire an entity, leave the business or sell it, Attorney Jaussi and his team can ensure that you follow best practices and get a good outcome.

A Utah Business Attorney: Steady Guidance for your Entrepreneurial Journey

Navigating Utah business law can be a complex, challenging enterprise, even if you’re a veteran businessperson. Get connected with Attorney Jonathan Jaussi and his team at Freedom Legal today by calling 801-373-3366 to schedule a free, confidential consultation with a Utah business attorney about your positive options, strategies and tactics.

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