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As any respectable employment lawyer in Utah (or elsewhere) will tell you, the workplace journey is rife with challenges at every level.

Whether you run a mid size company that needs to totally revise its contracts and HR processes; or you’re an employee at a small firm that’s mistreated its workers, subjected them to sexual harassment or an unsafe work environment, Freedom Legal can help you meet your challenges in an ethical, discreet and effective way.

We provide employment law services in Payson, Salem, Springville and Spanish Fork, Utah.

For Employers…

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Your team is so important — some business thinkers believe that the people you choose may be even more critical to your success than the strategic path you pursue. Freedom Legal can support you, throughout every stage of your company’s development.

Our attorneys can help you draw up Human Resources documents, agreements, contracts, and other paperwork to create a safe structure for your business. As you grow and expand, you will need to hire new people and create elaborate new structures.

Even once you’ve developed a sound HR bureaucracy for your Utah County business, you will still face critical issues that could make or break your business. How should you respond to a lawsuit? What if an employee steals from you, hurts another employee, or just comes after you on Yelp? What if your core talent suddenly leaves to join a competitor’s firm? An insightful employment lawyer can help you prepare for and reckon with these and similar issues in and around Payson and Salem, Utah.

For Employees…

Do you know your rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Utah labor laws? Do you need help responding to unfair or hostile treatment at work, such as discrimination, harassment or retaliation? Is your employer engaging in practices that you find disturbing (and which may be illegal), such as polluting or hiding safety information from consumers?

The law provides extensive, diverse forms of protection for employees. Our employment law experts can help you seek redress, so you can enjoy your work, create value for others and get paid fairly (and on time) for the services you provide.

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