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Signing a ContractYou need experienced local counsel in Utah to handle a complex business, real estate, or employment matters, even if you’re located out of state. You can depend on the dedicated pro hac vice attorneys at Freedom Legal to handle all the details.

It can be challenging to begin a new venture with an unknown partner, even when you get a recommendation from a trusted source, and when the prospective co-counsel has a great background and track record. After all, you have a certain way of doing business that makes you comfortable. Deviating from that formula can be nerve-racking. Plus, you owe a fiduciary duty to your clients. You must make sure that any outside co-counsel or pro hac vice team will represent your firm well and get results for the people who have trusted you with their business and peace of mind.

How to Find Well-Matched Local Counsel in Utah

Take time to articulate why you want to develop a relationship before you contact pro hac vice attorneys.

For instance, perhaps you’re involved with a complex land deal that happens to involve property in Utah. You just need help with a one-of-a-kind case. Alternatively, maybe you’re hoping to build out your practice and develop an ongoing stream of Utah clients. In that case, your firm may need to lean on local co-counsel repeatedly. Your purpose should inform your “best match.”

Define the values that you want your pro hac vice relationship to follow. Here’s a shortcut to articulate those values. Picture everything that could go wrong with any co-counsel relationship. The opposite of those scenarios would be your values. For instance, maybe you’re worried that a co-counsel would handle your job too slowly or fail to do due diligence on a contract. In that case, your “values” for the project might include: “co-counsel must be able to complete the work by such-and-such a date,” and “co-counsel must have experience doing due diligence on the kind of contract we need to develop.”

Consider Working with a Pro Hac Vice Attorney at Freedom Legal

Since 2004, our legal co-counsel team has worked successfully on diverse cases involving real estate litigation, business law, employment law, and beyond. We’ve served as co-counsel for many firms around the country, and we’d be happy to see if there is a match with your firm. Please get in touch with local pro hac vice counsel in Utah by calling Freedom Legal at 801-FREEDOM (373-3366).

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