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LawyerAs an attorney in Utah who’s been tackling complex cases since 2004, Jonathan Jaussi, Managing Partner, believes passionately in the values of service and integrity. Our office is proud to serve the areas of Payson, Salem, Springville, and Spanish Fork, Utah. Our skilled attorneys help with diverse legal concerns, such as:

Employment Law

Perhaps your business needs a structured way to reevaluate its HR processes. Or maybe you’re an employee who needs guidance about how to handle workplace harassment, discrimination or retaliation. Our team can explain federal and Utah labor laws to you in clear language and help you resolve your employment issues and conflicts.

Legal Issues Related to Foreclosure

Many Utah homeowners were decimated by recent market events. If you face mounting debt pressures, harassing creditor calls and the threat of losing your home, we can lay out your options and help you make and follow through on a plan to deal with the mess.

Business Law

The entrepreneurial journey can lead to great wealth and freedom, but it can also be a topsy-turvy, confusing ride. An attorney with Freedom Legal in the Payson area can help you at every stage of your venture:

  • Choosing the structure of your business;
  • Negotiating contracts for vendors;
  • Managing complex mergers and acquisitions;
  • Dealing with litigation;
  • Selling your business;
  • Ongoing service and guidance.


Getting sued can be a stressful, financially wrenching experience. Our Utah attorneys are very experienced litigators. We know how to defend people in lawsuits, and we also know how to file lawsuits on behalf of clients who have been wronged. No matter how big or complex your legal conflict is, you can trust our legal counsel for accurate, ethical guidance.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate lawsuits can be fractious and incredibly costly. Delays on contracts — or disputes over permitting or environmental work — can rapidly translate into thousands of dollars lost.

Whether you’re locked in a contract dispute, fighting with a vendor, or facing some other challenge, we can answer your questions, keep you focused and calm, and pursue aggressive action on your behalf.

Connect with an Attorney in Utah for Timely Legal Assistance

The longer you wait to get insight into your case, the more complicated it may become… and the more time adversarial parties will have to craft defenses against your claims and create “legal trouble” for you. Contact an attorney in Utah at Freedom Legal today by calling 801-FREEDOM (373-3366) to schedule your free, confidential consultation. We are accepting new clients from Salem, Payson, Springville and Spanish Fork, Utah.

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