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A Utah foreclosure attorney with experience who listens to you, who carefully explains your rights to you and helps you get a handle on your out of control financial situation

Whether you fell behind on your mortgage payments due to an illness or job loss; or inaccurate budgeting created a cash flow problem, you need an attorney who can take you through the process. It could be you were not able to pay your mortgage for months and you need to know there could be a viable foreclosure defense available to you. You may be able to stay in your home for month or possibly even years while litigation is pending.

Do appreciate that you are not alone. Many homeowners in Utah have gotten stuck with very difficult mortgages, due to unpredictable shifts in the market and the economic downturn. Utah foreclosure attorney Jonathan Jaussi and his team have the experience and knowledge of Utah foreclosure and real estate laws to help you chart a smart, doable course that could help find a foreclosure defense for you.

Assistance from a Seasoned Utah Foreclosure Attorney

Different consumer financial crises call for different remedies.

Do you want to save you home at all costs? Do you want the quickest, most efficient path to clear your debts and rebuild your credit?

To find the right strategy and tactics, you first must get clear about exactly what’s happening in your world, financially and otherwise, as well as where you would like to be, once your crisis has passed. It’s tough to take a sober, clear-eyed look at your financial stresses. Fortunately, your Utah foreclosure attorney can help you bridge the gap between your current reality and ideal future. Here are just some of tools you can leverage to fight foreclosure in Utah:

  • Negotiate a modification to your loan. Perhaps your lender will allow you to reset terms, so that you can pay off your obligation in an easier, more doable manner.
  • Restructure your debt (short of bankruptcy). By consolidating your credit card debt, liquidating assets, or even borrowing from a family member, you may be able to create a “band aid” repayment plan to keep your home.
  • File for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to discharge many debts – such as credit card debts – that may be making it difficult for you to meet your mortgage payments.
  • File for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt-restructuring plan that allows you to strip away liens against your property and repackage your debts.
  • Fight the foreclosure by exposing your lender’s bad or unfair practices or by challenging it on other technical grounds.
  • If you are not committed to stay in your home, you can consider other tactics, such as a short sale, to deal with your debts and plan for the future.

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FREE Personal Consultation – CALL NOW: 385-743-9155